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Anonymous asked: Hey :) you look amazing! in your Japan photographs, in all your photographs really ;P Did you go to Japan alone? And if so, was it abit scary?!


Hey there,
Sorry for the late reply to this! Thank you very much ^__^ I did go to Japan by myself the first time, it was a little daunting but it was so worth it! I had an amazing time even though I was by myself, plus if you stay in a hostel (like I did in Kyoto) you are bound to meet some nice people :) If it’s a choice between not going and going alone you should definitely go for it ^__^ 

Anonymous asked: Your Bunty - The vortex photographs are lovely! You look beautiful in them :-) May I ask who the photographer was and there contact if possible. Many Thanks


Thank you very much :) That’s actually not me in the photographs, it’s a friend of mine! 
I designed and made the costume myself, including the hat and I also took the photographs :)
Thanks for the compliments! 

Anonymous asked: How is life at the art school treating you? : )


Life at the art school is busy as usual but still lots of fun :)


Money Origami by Yosuke Hasegawa

Every character on the money have a hat! Cute Origami. It makes life more funny~:)

(via tokyo-fashion)

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